Amber Allure Books

I’m embarrassed about how long it’s taken me to post this. I’ve been meaning to for months now, time just keeps running away from me!

So, as you are all probably well aware by now, Amber Quill Press closed it’s doors at the end of March. They were a wonderful publisher, and I will greatly miss working with everyone over there. I completely understand their reasons, though – it’s a tough time for the small, independent publishers.

But to what I’m sure everyone wants to know – what about the books? I’m happy to announce that I’ve been working with Pride Publishing to get most of my back catalogue from Amber back into print. Some have already been contracted, others we’ve just discussed, but it looks promising! My two newest ones are, in fact, already scheduled, since they needed the least work. Learning to Love Cats comes out in June and Right Place, Right Time will be out September. I’ll put the dates up on the Coming Soon page, and on the book pages. They’ve got new covers and have been polished up a bit, but there aren’t any significant changes. Lucky has been contracted, but I don’t have any details on that yet.

There are a couple of my books from Amber that I’m holding off on re-publishing just yet, for various reasons. Dragon Herder was meant to have a sequel, which would have been part of a second Dragon-themed pax scheduled for release this summer. Obviously, that isn’t happening now, and I’m thinking of expanding the first book to include the second story rather than putting out two novellas. Loving Someone Extraordinary is on hold, as well, for a similar reason. And when I went back over Troy’s Surrender, I decided it needed some re-writing. I really want to get Chaos’ book out first, though, so I don’t have a time line for when those will get done.

I’ll leave you with a last note on Chaos. I’m still on track to have that one submitted sometime this summer. I haven’t updated the word count because I’ve been handwriting a lot of this one, thanks to my crazy schedule lately. I promise, I’ve been making good progress!



Cody is Coming!

I’ve kept meaning to post the good news! Cody has been finished, submitted, and contracted :). It will be coming out January 31st from Total-E-Bound. It’s been a long time coming on this one!

I’m already hard at work on Nyx’s book, and it’s my plan to get it finished in the next few months. I can guarantee that you won’t have to wait as long for book two. I’ve gotten the world established, and I’ve been brainstorming on the other guys as I’ve worked on Cody, so I know where I’m going with the books in a way I didn’t for this one. Plus, as a reader, I absolutely hate to wait for the next book in the series, so I’ll try not to torment you too much, lol.

I’ve also been working on a few other ideas, and I’ve put a few things down on paper for a sequel to Lonely Heart. Tommy has been humming in my head :).

I’ll try to update the website this weekend. My word counts aren’t anywhere close to being current, and I want to get that fixed, along with a few other minor adjustments.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

It’s Done!

After months of stops and starts, I finally sent off my sci-fi menage! It’s been a long haul on this one, longer than usual. Some of the sections just kept giving me fits 🙂  I think it turned out well, though. It’s a fun story with fun characters, kind of my version of a space opera/romp. I sent it off to my editor tonight, so we’ll see what she thinks. I’ll try to post a little sneak peek here in a couple of days…I’ll have to do something to avoid the family drama of Christmas, lol.Speaking of which, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season. And here’s to hoping for a wonderful new year filled with lots of fun stories!

Merry Christmas!