Learning to Love Cats

Learning to Love CatsIt isn’t exactly a match made in heaven.


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Mike isn’t much of an animal lover, but his sister insists every little boy needs a pet. Which is how Mike finds himself sitting in a veterinary office, trying to explain the facts of life to his six-year-old nephew while holding a dead hamster in a shoebox. It’s not one of his finer moments. So of course, that’s when he encounters the cute, shy and utterly lust-worthy Riley Laytham.

Riley isn’t used to guys flirting with him, and he definitely didn’t expect it to happen at the local vet office. In the kennels, no less, surrounded by cats and dogs and under the close scrutiny of one overly inquisitive little boy.

Their first date is a disaster. They have nothing in common, and Riley’s cats seem determined to end the budding relationship before it can get started. For some reason, though, Mike is sticking around despite cat scratches, rampant allergies, and nosy siblings. Now Riley just has to decide if he can make it work with a guy who staunchly declares that he doesn’t like cats.

This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

“Cock-blocked by a feline,” Mike muttered. “Humiliating.”

He knew there was a reason he had never liked cats.

Mike rushed to catch up to Riley. “But you said you were going to pack a bag.”

“No, you said that,” Riley pointed out. “I never agreed.” He pursed his lips, looking thoughtful. “In point of fact, I never agreed to the date either.”

“You meant to.”

“I should have stood you up.”

“Nah, no one ever stands me up. I’m too loveable.”

“Not sure I see the connection. And you do realize that I’ll have to stand you up next time, just on principle?”

“Hah! You just agreed to a next time.”

Riley shook his head. That grin was back again, the one Mike was quickly becoming addicted to. Just the slightest tilt to his lips, it tugged at something in Mike. It also sent his libido into overdrive.

They had made it back to the trucks. The parking lot was deserted. Mike couldn’t resist.
Before Riley could guess his intent, Mike backed Riley between the vehicles.

“Wait, what are you—”

Mike pinned Riley against the side door of his truck, ignoring the streaks of dust and the other man’s protests. He pressed his hands against the glass of the window, one on either side of Riley’s head, and went in for a kiss. The instant their lips touched, the world fell away. It was hard and heated, and Mike pressed as close as he could get. With a low moan, Riley reached out and grabbed a double fistful of Mike’s shirt. Their lips met and parted, the sound audible in the still air. Mike nipped for entrance, and the instant Riley’s mouth parted, he surged inside. Their tongues tangle in a dance Mike desperately wanted to emulate. Visions kept flashing through his head of Riley sprawled out on the table. He wanted a repeat of the experience.

“Wait, we can’t…not here.” Riley’s words were meant to be a protest, but he kept kissing Mike, so Mike disregarded them. He moved his hips, rubbing the bulge in his jeans against a matching one in Riley’s.

“Want you,” he muttered against Riley’s mouth. “Come home with me. Please.”

Riley pulled away with a wrench of his head. He was panting, cheeks flushed. “I can’t.”

“Don’t tell me that.” Mike dropped his head onto Riley’s shoulder, inhaling deeply. The scent of the man seeped into his lungs, musky and heady. He smelled like nature, fresh and green, if that was possible.

He also smelled like cat. Mike sneezed, bonking his nose on Riley’s shoulder bone.


“Oh, gross.” Riley pushed him away. “What is it with you and snot?”

“Sorry. Couldn’t help it. I think maybe I’m allergic to cats.”

“Sure, blame the cats.”

Riley let go of Mike’s shirt to run his fingers along the stubble on his chin. Mike had a dark beard, the shave-three-times-daily type. Riley seemed to like the stubble, though, if his touch was anything to go by.

“I really do have to go.” There was regret in Riley’s voice, and it was the only thing that enabled Mike to step away.

“I know. But we will finish what we started.”

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