Cody’s Dragon

Cody's DragonHow far is Cody willing to go to keep his dragon?

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Kirit is lonely and he’s sick of coming home from the king’s assignments to a cold, empty cave. After searching for years for a mate, Kirit decides it’s time to try a new approach. Against the advice of all his friends, he heads for the human side of the world. There he finds Cody, and the man is everything he could ever want. It takes a little bit of persuasion, but he manages to talk Cody into coming back with him to Faerie.

Within a week of arriving, Cody is beginning to rethink his impulsive decision. He’s trekked across more terrain than he would care to remember, been summoned to meet a king, and flown on a dragon—not an experience he’s willing to repeat anytime soon. Kirit’s growly possessiveness is starting to wear on his nerves, and the unexpected hostility he encounters at the palace is almost enough to make him throw up his hands and give up.

But Cody is stubborn. He may not be willing to admit it out loud, but Kirit has got under his skin. He may even, shockingly enough, love the big guy.

Now Cody has to decide what he’s willing to do to keep the man of his dreams.

“Hey, big guy.” Cody grinned widely, wrapping his arms—and the rest of himself—around Kirit. Kirit grinned back.

“You are drunk,” he observed.

Holding up one hand, Cody spread his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart. “Just a little.”

Kirit thought it was more than a little. Cody pulled him into the middle of the group of dancers and the music picked up in tempo.

“I don’t dance,” he said, even as his feet moved back and forth.

“We’re not dancing,” Cody argued. “We’re just wiggling.”

Kirit couldn’t really argue with that statement. He didn’t think Cody was capable of anything more intricate than ‘wiggling’, anyway, not with the amount of alcohol in his body.

“Did you enjoy the demonstration?” Kirit asked.

“You were hot.”

“That was not quite what I meant,” Kirit said with a smile.

“Gonna show me those wings again? Later? In private?”

“If you wish.”

It gave Kirit a little thrill. He knew it was very alien, his dragon half. He preferred the dragon form to the human, though, and always had. He wanted Cody to feel comfortable with both sides of him.

“When are we going home?”

The question caught Kirit by surprise and he blinked for a minute before he could puzzle it out. “And where is home, my little treasure?” he asked as softly as he could and still be heard over the music.

“I don’t know,” Cody admitted. Kirit immediately regretted the question as the happiness slid away from Cody’s face.

The impromptu musical group finished the reel and moved into a ballad. Kirit slowed his movements and pulled Cody in tight to his body. He ran his hand up and down Cody’s back, finally settling his fingers in the soft hair at the nape of Cody’s neck.

“I know this has been difficult,” Kirit said. “We will leave soon. The Eviatt ambassadors will arrive, Seamus will dismiss me, and we can return to the mountains. You will like it there. It is beautiful and peaceful and private. And if you are still unhappy…” Kirit paused, but his Treasure meant everything. “If you are still unhappy, I will take you back to Earth.”

“I don’t really want to go back,” Cody said. “It’s not home anymore. But home sure as hell isn’t this palace. I mean, it’s beautiful, but it feels so cold, you know? I guess I’m just feeling a little disconnected. So much has changed.”

“You have me, and you will always have me.” Frustration edged at Kirit’s mind. He knew he wasn’t saying the right things, but damned if he knew what words would make Cody feel better. Words were most definitely not his area of expertise. Nyx was the charmer—and, surprisingly enough, Chaos, when he exerted himself.

“Yep.” Cody smiled and hugged Kirit tightly. “My big, grumpy dragon.”

Kirit growled, just to make Cody laugh.

“Am I really going to be enough for you?”

“Damn, you’re a maudlin drunk.”

Cody pulled away far enough to poke Kirit in the side. “Come on. You’re ancient. You’ve seen and done things I can’t even imagine. What can you possibly see in a rent boy from the city? I didn’t finish high school and I don’t have any significant talents. Unless you count the ability to deep-throat an above-average-sized cock.”

Kirit thought that was a pretty significant accomplishment, himself, especially as he’d been the recipient several times. But he was distracted by the rest of the statement. He scowled and clapped one hand over Cody’s mouth to stop the flow of self-derogatory words. “Stop it,” he ordered. “You’re perfect.”

Cody tugged the fingers aside, rolling his eyes in exasperation. Kirit let go.

“I’m far from perfect,” he retorted.

Kirit opened his mouth to protest again, but Cody cut him off.

“Fine, agree to disagree. I just mean, you’re important and gifted and you deserve a whole hell of a lot better than me.”

“No, I don’t.” Kirit hoped the certainty he felt came through in his words. Cody was everything he’d ever wanted.

Cody sighed. “Ignore me. You’re right, I’m a maudlin drunk. Maybe more alcohol would help.”

Kirit groped Cody’s perfect ass, already dreaming of what he wanted to do to it. “Maybe food would be a better plan.”

“Or more dancing. Dancing makes things better.”

“I am not certain of that.”

“That’s because dragons don’t know how to have fun.”

As if on cue, the ballad ended and something much livelier began. Kirit grunted, but let Cody move him with the music. He wasn’t actually dancing, per se. It was more of following Cody’s lead as his mate stomped around with abandon. Kirit had to admit, it was enjoyable. He caught Nyx and Chaos at the edge of the crowd, watching him and laughing. Chaos gave Kirit a thumbs-up. Kirit wondered where he had picked up the gesture. He returned it with an older, ruder gesture.

Chaos, as expected, threw back his head and cackled loudly. Then he leered at a girl in a skimpy, filmy dress and followed her out of sight. Kirit shook his head.

“Hey, big guy, over here.” Cody grabbed his chin and tugged Kirit’s head back around. Kirit smiled and leaned down for a kiss. He only meant to take a taste, but then he couldn’t make himself let go. He delved deeper, tongue tangling with Cody’s. Cody groaned and pushed closer, until Kirit could feel the ridges of his stomach and the hard bulge of his cock.

“I think I’m done dancing,” Cody said.

“Me, too.”

Kirit pulled back, grabbed Cody’s hand, and dragged him away from the crowd. A few lewd comments followed them, but Kirit ignored them.

Occasionally, even Chaos could have good ideas. Kirit couldn’t take Cody away from here, not just yet, but maybe he could distract Cody for a time.

5 Stars
Cody’s Dragon by K.M Mahoney is a real gem in the paranormal/fantasy genre.  Smart, sexy and downright fun, this first novel of a new series promises that we will see more delightful installments from this author.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next one in this series!”   ~  Sammy, Joyfully Jay


“Dragon antics and manipulative Kings lead the couple into some intense, dangerous and sometimes humorous situations that add lots of spice to the story.  Snarky and funny dialogue also elicit quite a few chuckles and with lots of fun and charming characters this story becomes a very entertaining read that I couldn’t put down.”  ~  Eva, The Jeep Diva


“…a great romp of a story and very easy to read. I didn’t even notice the pages turning, and at the end, I thought, “I want more!” This fantasy made me wish the next one was out already. ”   ~  Alison, Top2Bottom Reviews





5 Responses to Cody’s Dragon

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  2. Ricky says:

    I loved it! I recommended it to my friends. I can hardly wait for more. If you don’t mind, any idea when your next book in the series will be out?

    • K.M. Mahoney says:

      I’m so glad you liked it :). I always love to hear that! I’m hoping to get the next book out this fall. I’m very close to being done, then it takes around six months from submission to publication. You can keep an eye on the website for updates, or sign up for my newsletter. 🙂

  3. Luz says:

    This was great! Can’t wait for the next book. I hope you are thinking of also giving the king a story of his own.

    • K.M. Mahoney says:

      Thanks, I’m glad to hear you liked it 🙂 I’m hoping to finish the second book soon. As for Seamus, right now, I can’t say for sure whether or not he’s going to get his own book. I keep going back and forth – but knowing me, he probably will get his story told!

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