A Good Idea

agoodidea_800Take two men who think the best years of their lives are behind them. Throw in one raging attraction, and stir liberally. Giving in to a mutual case of lust could be the best idea either one ever had.


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Daniel Haversohn is stuck in a rut, and he knows it. The kids are grown and gone, he’s years past being “over the hill”, and the only excitement he gets these days come from the occasional argument with a supplier. Owning a bar keeps him busy enough, but each night he has to go home to a cold and lonely house. Enter Joe Masterson.

Joe has known Daniel for longer than he cares to remember, but the military was his life. Now, after twenty-five years of active service, he’s a free man again. And he hates it. When Joe goes to his favourite bar to drown his sorrows, Daniel sees him moping and offers him a job. Tending bar is definitely a downwards career move, but Joe is just bored enough to take it. The problem? Leaving the army behind must have knocked something loose in his libido, because he can’t stop staring at his boss’ arse. Now Joe has to decide if he can throw aside a lifetime of training for one moment of passion. And, just maybe, something deeper.



The noise was getting to him. And they weren’t even all that busy.

A glass shattered and Joe flinched, barely suppressing the urge to duck and cover. Shit, he hadn’t reacted this badly to stimulants since the first week back from his last deployment.

“You okay, man?” Moss gave him a concerned look, still managing to mix some fruity concoction at the same time.

“Yeah, sure. I’m good.”

“You’re a really shitty liar.”

Joe rubbed the back of his neck. He’d been fine at first, but as the hours rolled past, his tension level had steadily ratcheted up. It was weird. Being a customer here hadn’t been a problem, so why was he so strung-out being on the other side of the bar?

“Why don’t you step into the back for a few minutes?” Moss suggested. “We could use some more paper towels, anyway. I can cover for a bit.”

Joe thought he should protest, but he didn’t. He nodded and headed for the supply room. Light gleamed out of the cracked door of Daniel’s office. Joe thought about going in, but decided against it.

He flicked the light switch and stepped into the supply room. It was really more of an over-sized closet, but with the door closed, it was nice and quiet and private. He took a deep breath, letting some of the tension seep away.

“Paper towels,” he muttered. “Where are you?”

He shoved aside boxes, which were stacked two and three deep on the floor and along the walls. It was kind of impressive, the sheer amount of stuff that was stashed in here.

He found the paper products in one corner and began opening boxes.


His closed his hands around a fat roll of paper towels at the same time someone else’s hands landed on his butt. Joe yelped and jumped, dropping his find and whirling around.

“Daniel? What are you—?”

Daniel’s lips smothered the words. He pushed Joe against a nearby shelving unit, hands wrapped tightly around Joe’s hips. Joe grunted and reacted automatically. By the time his brain engaged, he was returning the kiss with equal ferocity.

“This is a really bad idea,” Joe gasped. He had to pull back a little to talk, and damn, but it was almost painful to separate from the kiss trying to consume him from the inside out.

“Nuh-uh.” Daniel followed him, attempting to recapture his mouth. “Great idea. Best idea ever. Get back here.”

Joe groaned. He resisted, but not very hard. The kiss grew hotter, more intense. Had a kiss ever been like this? Hell, when was the last time he’d even bothered with a kiss?

If he’d known it could be this fantastic, he’d have been doing a lot more of it, that’s for sure.

“You’re thinking too much,” Daniel said. “Stop.”

“This is—”

“A good idea. So shut up. Please.”

Daniel nearly shouted in relief when he felt the slight sag of Joe’s solid frame. Thank God. He just needed the man to give in already, because this was…shit, Daniel had been waiting pretty much his entire life to feel sparks like this. He wasn’t about to waste the opportunity.

It had been pure chance. Joe had been digging through a box in the storage room, bent over, displaying that tight ass in a pair of worn jeans. Daniel might have choked a bit, because that was a beautiful sight.

The next thing he knew, Daniel had his hands on that ass, and no clue how they got there. Joe had turned, they’d collided, and that simmering attraction exploded. Bodies pressed together, chest to thigh, and Daniel hadn’t known what he wanted until he had Joe in that scorching kiss, hands groping in some pretty marvellous places.

He squeezed the tight ass in his hands again, rubbing their groins together, the friction maddening. He wanted more. A lot more.

Joe made a strange noise, a sort of strangled moan, and did some rubbing of his own. His hands slid across Daniel’s back, then around to his sides. He pushed Daniel’s shirt up, running his hands over Daniel’s rapidly heating flesh.

A loud crash reverberated through the tiny space and Daniel jerked. One of them had kicked a box, and the noise was enough to break the spell surrounding them. Joe pulled back, shook his head and took a few steps away. Or at least, as far away as he could get in the cramped room.


Daniel nodded in agreement, running his hand through his hair. “Yeah. Sorry.”

Joe winced, and Daniel hurriedly backtracked.

“Not sorry for the kiss,” he clarified. “Because that was amazing and I want a repeat. Soon. But this isn’t really the time or place.”

As much as it pained Daniel to admit it, that was the truth. Any one of his employees could walk in, and both he and Joe had places to be and things to do. It was Friday, the bar was packed, and they couldn’t slip into the back office for a quickie. No matter how much Daniel wanted to.

“I’m gonna…” Joe trailed off. “Moss will be looking for me.” He rummaged in a nearby box, then waved a roll of paper towels at Daniel.

Reluctantly, Daniel stepped aside to let Joe pass. It was narrow, forcing them into close contact as Joe left. The heat and the smell and…

Daniel closed his eyes, unable to watch Joe walk away. Because if he spent too much time looking at that ass, they’d end up locked together again.

Shit. At his age, he really should be able to control his libido.

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