Progress…Or Lack Thereof

Hello all!No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, lol. But it feels like it. I haven’t gotten anything done on..well, anything. I spent all afternoon tweaking the website, and it’s the first chance I’ve had to get any work done for several days.But it was for a good reason! My cousin got married this weekend, so I had to take a trip. It was a long drive…and I had to spend a ridiculous amount of time in a bridesmaid’s dress and heels…but the wedding was gorgeous and we got her off on her honeymoon with no major disasters or family drama.So now I’m back and off to work! I’m pretty much ready to start on rewrites and edits for Terran’s story. I hope to get that finished up in the next few weeks and off for submission. But we’ll see how it goes – it seems like my good intentions are being highjacked lately. A lot.Oh, and my two novellas come out next week! Yay! So look for me on some blogs in the near future. I’ll let you know where and when :)Until then!

Troy’s Surrender

The cover art for “Troy’s Surrender” is now up! You can see it at the Amber Allure Coming Soon page. I’ll also be putting it up on the website. As soon as my program decides to cooperate….One of these days, I’ll learn how to be smarter than the computer. But today is not that day. :)Oh, and the release date has been officially set for October 3rd!

Works In Progress

Thought I’d update here what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve also updated the page on the site with the same information.


Works In Progress

Updated August 28, 2010


Boys Will Be Boys 2,613 Contemporary Jake thought he and Mitch were a solid couple, together forever. When Mitch dumps him and leaves, he’s shocked and devastated. Now, someone’s targeting Jake’s business and the only one he trusts to help is Mitch. But what will happen when Jake finds out exactly why Mitch left three years ago?
Trapping a Cat 27,790 Science Fiction Daior Mathis is having a bad decade. When he’s captured and held hostage, he figures things can’t get much worse. After meeting Terran, a fellow prisoner and the most adorable man he’s seen in years, Dai figures he was right. He’s looking at Terran, Terran’s looking back, and it looks like he’s finally getting lucky. But that’s before the situation takes a turn for the worse and Dai is forced to call an old friend for help. Now Dai’s on the run with his new boyfriend and his old friend Tam is eyeing said boyfriend with lustful eyes. So what’s a space mercenary to do?Take them all to bed, of course. And that’s when the fun really begins.
Corey’s Dragon 14,251 Fantasy, Book One in a series Kirit’s world is a peaceful one full of beauty and magic. It has everything needed for happiness. Except one. His mate. Kirit is lonely and he’s sick of coming home from the king’s assignments to a cold, empty cave. After searching for years, Kirit decides it’s time to try a new approach. Against the advice of all his friends, he heads for the human side of the world.Corey has been on his own for nearly a year. His life may not be perfect, but it’s his. So when a big guy pops up and insists on sticking around, Corey has to make a few decisions. Namely, how does one say no to a dragon?
Learning to Love Friday 1,469 Fantasy, Shape-Shifter