Dragons of Another Kind

Hello all! I’ve been kind of out of touch, so I thought I’d pop in with a quick update. First of all, I completely forgot to post, but Nyx’s Pixie is now available at all the usual places. Links are on the appropriate page on my website. The paperback version is also out and can be purchased from Totally Bound or Amazon (I’ll have some of my own to put on the website eventually, but they haven’t arrived yet.)

Next up, if you check out the Coming Soon page, you will see I have another short story coming out with Amber Allure’s Pax line! And it’s right around the corner! It will be coming out on March 15th. It’s a fun, fantastical romp involving, what else, dragons! These are quite different than the ones in my Dragon’s Treasure series, and it was so much fun to write.

Speaking of Dragon’s Treasure, I wanted to let everyone know that yes, I am working on Chaos’ book right now. I’ve been bogged down with a few other deadlines, not to mention my thesis proposal, but I’m hoping to get back into it soon.

One last thing, and then I’ll shut up :). The Romance Reviews is having their anniversary party next month. If you’ve never participated, it’s a lot of fun, with some great giveaways. I have a copy of Cody’s Dragon up for grabs, although I’m not sure what day it will be. But be sure to check out all the other great prizes!

Okay, that’s the end of my rambling. Have a great rest of the week!

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